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Wollombi Irrigation Project delivers dam good savings!

Wollombi Irrigation Project Challenge

The Wollombi Irrigation Project customer asked us to design an irrigation system for a large rural property with no existing irrigation infrastructure. The landscaping would be performed over 2 years with turf and gardens as well as outlets to be located over the entire property.

With no water supply existing a bore was sunk which achieved a 2lps flow rate.

Water quality was evaluated & its quality was found adequate for irrigation.

The bore flow rate was insufficient for long term plans but in the Short-term a solution was to fill a tank for irrigation purposes, long term they were in the process of having a dam constructed.

Wollombi Irrigation Project Scope of Works

Initially the bore filled a temporary tank for the 1st year then was pumped around the property with a Franklin variable speed multistage pump set. The following year the pump was relocated to the new dam which was fed from rainwater runoff.

A top up line installed to run to the dam from the bore in the event it was ever required.

New irrigation pipe main, valves, submain & communication cable supplied approximately 2000m2 of manicured turf around the homestead using a mix of Hunter I20 rotors & MP rotators pop up sprinklers.

Multiple gardens had drip irrigation installed (complete with suitable filtration).

Irrigation outlets were installed in grazing paddocks for future expansion and travelling irrigators along with water trough connections for cattle

Back-up firefighting pump connection to irrigation main for power outages & firefighting purposes were also installed providing extra peace of mind.

Irrigation Job Specifications

· 1000m new main line

· 800m sub main

· 1500m drip irrigation

· 50 advanced tree emitters

· 8 stations of turf and garden pop up sprinkler for turf gardens

Project Outcomes

The system was fully automated using a Hunter ACC Commercial Controller complete with wireless rain sensors and handheld controller to allow in field operation.

This project required the flexibility to work with limitations of water supply and landscape timeline to provide an efficient, reliable water supply to both stock and landscape. Considerations was made into the ability to utilize and move equipment as the project developed and as the dam was constructed and also to allow for such in the design reduced costs both in establishment and running.

The customer now has a reliable system which is able to be operated from the shed or the field providing peace of mind as well as operation and running cost savings. They are happy all round.

Do you have a Woolombi Irrigation Project?

Get in touch and our expert team at ABC Pumps & Irrigation can help you too (02) 4388 1811.

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