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Gosford Irrigation Project Success

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Gosford Irrigation Project Challenge

ABC Pumps and Irrigation were recently engaged by a landscaper needing a design for an irrigation system for a small acreage property in Gosford.

This project was for Natures Vision Landscapes. Their customer had purchased the property and was building a new residence, sheds, access road and landscape under an extremely tight timeline.

Gosford Irrigation Project Scope of Works

The project called for a new large turf lawn, garden irrigation, and there was no existing water.

The customer wanted as little visual presence of infrastructure and equipment as possible (preferably no Water Tanks) and we had to work closely with civil and landscaping over a month as access would be limited due to road construction and weather.

The existing rainwater tank supply was not sufficient for proposed scope of works. A Bore was installed supplying 6lps of water which tested suitable for irrigation purposes.

With adequate supply from the bore water tanks were now not required as a variable speed pump was installed to supply all irrigation on demand different duties. This would provide demands from 1 hose to banks of irrigation.

To ensure an outstanding aesthetic result all bore and irrigation control equipment were positioned discreetly 80metres from the actual bore in the garage.

Gosford Irrigation Project Job Specifications

· New irrigation main, valves & sub main supplied approx.

· 3000m2 of new turf - mix of hunter I20 rotors & MP rotators pop up sprinklers

· Multiple gardens with drip irrigation & adequate filtration

· Orchard bubblers

· Taps around property

· All controlled via hunter ACC commercial controller & wireless rain sensor.

· Handheld remote

Outcome of Project

ABC Pumps and Irrigation were able to deliver an aesthetically pleasing outcome with no visible infrastructure. We met deadlines and work smoothly with other services with very limited access, and have installed a reliable water and irrigation system that can be operated at controller or remotely in the field ensuring reliable watering that is efficient both in water and power usage. The customer was very happy.

Do you have a Gosford Irrigation Project?

Get in touch and our expert team at ABC Pumps & Irrigation can help you too (02) 4388 1811.

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