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Water filtration solutions. How pure is your drinking water?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Is your drinking water safe?

The quality of your water is dependent on a number of factors. Environmental impacts can change the water quality over time. A water filtration system can give you the assurance overtime that your water is pure.

If your currently using mains water (towns supply) for your drinking water it is generally considered safe to drink, however there is still the possibility of contamination as well as the opportunity to improve the waters taste.

It you use rainwater as your water supply it can be subject to many environmental issues that effect its taste, odour, purity and safety. Whilst for decades people use rainwater as their drinking supply and became accustomed to its quality these days filtration is an easy and economical option to ensure quality supply.

When do you need a water filtration solution?

You should look at the option of a water filtration system when you want to improve taste, odour, colour, quality and ensure bacteria is removed.

How do you know which filtration solution you need?

There is a great variety of filtration options, that vary in size, flow rate, filtration level, bacteria removal. To make sure you are choosing the right equipment speak to a water filtration specialist, like ABC Pumps & Irrigation. We can help. We'll need to know:

  1. The quality of water from which source- town, rainwater, bore pump

  2. Do you need all your water or just one or two areas like kitchen and bathroom filtered (no need to filter toilet and irrigation demands)

  3. What quality do you need, do you just want to remove sediment, or do you want to remove bacteria?

Puretec Hybrid UV System providing Sediment, Carbon, and Ultraviolet Protection

Can you install a water filtration system yourself?

ABC Pumps & Irrigation sell a range of products that can be installed and maintained with some basic skills, alternately we can arrange installation for you.

What Maintenance is required?

If the Filtration equipment is selected correctly and dependent on water quality, cartridges will require replacement every 6- 12 month, and lamp changes every 12 months on UV Systems.

Please feel free to contact our office to learn more and get a free quote on your water filtration requirements (02) 43881 811.

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